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Supporting Compassion for families, Awareness, Research, and Education.


Featured Therapies:

Enzyme Therapy ... Phase IIb late infantiles, including the US, is recruiting now! US, EA, SE Asia, S. America)

Gene Therapy ... Now Recruiting late juveniles! Pre-approval access for late infantiles (Milano, Italy)

If you are seeking to cure MLD or want to know about metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD), you've come to the right place! We C.A.R.E., we welcome you, and we're glad that you found us!

"... we have a call in to our pediatrician and I know she will ask, what advice are you getting on the MLD Family™ Discussion List? I think that about says it all on how valuable this group is."

Often your arrival here comes at a time of great personal trauma due to a recent diagnosis or encounter with MLD. We want you to know that you can count on us for support, information and to help you get connected with others who are also on the MLD journey.

Newly Diagnosed? We personally know that pain, panic, uncertainty, and urgency ... and we can help! Please call/text/email us ... we have met hundreds of families in person, regularly meet with the key MLD clinicians and researchers. We can inform, guide, and connect you as you plan care for your loved one.
WE C.A.R.E. ...
* Compassion
will take you to the MLD Family™ pages where you can connect with others.
* Awareness is where you will find what is being done to increase knowledge of MLD and how you can help.
* Research updates the latest in efforts to treat and cure MLD.
* Education leads to MLD-101 where you will find a comprehensive, yet very readable, layman's overview of MLD.

MLD Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and appreciates your generous support. Please check out our Fundraisers and MLD Stuff in the boxes below:

Upcoming Events:

Coffee, BBQ, and southern Colorado project cars March 14th, Falcon, CO

Please let us know about your event and we'll post it here.

see past events here

Donate Now
Supporting Compassion for families, Awareness, Research, and Education.
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MLD Registry - Please Participate!
Help us better understand your journey, guide research, justify newborn screening, and drive improvements in clinical care ...
>> Start here

Newborn Screening – Pilot Study launches
Pilot study launches in Washington state
>> See video here.

Newborn Screening – Policy Presentation
Presentation from Emerging and Translational Biology of Leukodystrophies Conference
>> See video here.

Reference Book Recommendation
"Caring for Children Who Have Severe Neurological Impairment" by Dr. Julie Hauer paperback or Kindle editions.

Leukodystrohy Consensus Paper –
The GLIA paper "Consensus statement on Preventive and Symptomatic Care of Leukodystrophy Patients" is now available for download.

Follow our Blog–
MLD Foundation has a blog - check it out and follow us here.

March, 2014 - Learn about our openNHS initiative for Natural History Studies >>More here.

January, 2014 - new MLD Awareness video >>More here.

* NDA = non-disclosure agreement

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