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Research to better understand, develop therapies, and eventually find a cure for MLD is underway in a number of labs and hospitals throughout the world.

MLD also benefits from generalized and more specific research into other leukodystrophies, bone marrow and stem-cell transplants, gene therapy, enzyme replacement, etc. as this work helps to lay the groundwork for what might work with MLD. It is worth noting, however, that MLD is a metabolic storage disease and, as such, it affects the body in ways not yet fully understood. This means that what is learned by researching other diseases may or may not directly be applicable to MLD since the MLD affected body does not respond like those affected by other diseases.

It is because of this MLD Foundation strongly believes MLD-specific research needs to be encouraged and supported. MLD Foundation believes that influencing research combined with funding research provides the optimal environment for MLD research. Influencing research means to expand the scope of existing research to include MLD-specific components as well as to influence funding so that MLD -specific research can be started and continued.

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MLD-101 (education)

A pioneer in MLD research, and a special friend to MLD Foundation was Dr. Bill Krivit.

William Krivit, M.D.
Nov. 28, 1925 - Dec. 8, 2005

Remembering Dr. Krivit ...



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